CENTENARY YEAR - 1911 to 2011

RUGBY                                                                                                          FOOTBALL

February 10th Italy v Ireland.  England v Wales.                                           Manchester City v Leicester City

February 11th Scotland v  France.,                                                                Newcastle v Manchester United.  Southampton v Liverpool.

February 12th                                                                                                 Chelsea v West Brom.

February 23rd France v Italy

February 24th Ireland v Wales.  Scotland v England.                                     Leicester City v Stoke.

February 25th                                                                                                  Manchester United v Chelsea.

March 10th Ireland v Scotland,  France v England.

March 11th Wales v Italy.

March 17th Italy v Scotland.  England v Ireland.  Wales v France.

Special Offer:- 1 hour before kick off, during match & 1 hour after final whistle

on all Wales matches buy 6 pints get 1 pint free.

Also straight after English match in the "Blue Room" artist Marc Le.


February 17th Groves v Eubank.

February 24th Smith v Brahmer.